I just got hired at a job, and I’ve been working with this girl for some time. Sometimes we both work in the same area, help each other out, and she’s trained me. We laugh together, talk, and have fun. I am 30, she’s 19. She’s more friendly to me than any other girl in the work area, and she fits the type I attract. I always always attract petite blondes, and she’s also punk (I’ve been wanting a punk girlfriend). I was walking towards the time clock during our shift’s end, and she came and spoke to me. She briefly mentioned she has a boyfriend, but she never has talked about him. We ended up walking to the hallway, and our conversation was 15 minutes total. During our conversation, she kept acting like she was leaving, but then would turn her body to talk some more. She did this about 2 times, we were both smiling, and the manager booted us out, because the building was closing. The following day as I was driving, I had a vision in my head of us together on a Ferris wheel, and then another vision of us together laughing and eating ice cream on a hot summer day. My head then started going into the clouds for a while, but then I laughed and brushed these thoughts off, because I guess I thought it was too good to be true. Yesterday, my body started feeling extremely weird. I was getting a high intensity tingly feeling in my body, increased heart rate, head in clouds, spark feeling in my stomach, and so forth. I started to get a little scared, because I had no control over this, even when there wasn’t really any thoughts about her. This feeling lasted for the whole day, but would occasionally fade in and out (she wasn’t working that day). I had this same exact feeling when I met my last brief girlfriend. This is the ding ding ding feeling, kind of like me visualizing a casino slot machine going off. My dating psychology book says that if she struck up a conversation for no reason and then continued it, this was a sign that she was highly interested. It also said that her showing positive body language was another indicator (her facing me with her hips and shoulders). The thing is, I want to think positive, but I also don’t want to place all my eggs in the basket. I went through 1 divorce last year along with 2 break ups, and I’ve been devastated since then. My ex-wife cheated on me, one girl played me, the other told lies about herself, and I had several god awful dates. I’m not afraid of rejection, I have no problem asking for her number; I’m more of concerned as the outcome of how this would take place. I don’t know how much more false hope I can handle, I’m just really tired of running to the checkered flag only to trip over a rock, and land on my face. I’m honestly tired of all these BS games that women play, and it puts me in a position where I either block the girl’s number, or just ignore her in general. So I wanted to ask, do you think there’s something going on between us, or is my mind just playing games with me? What was going on with me the other day with my body? I feel that there is a reason this feeling has been going on, and I just want to get to the bottom of it (it’s still going on, but has dwindled down). I guess I’m only going to know when I see her again.