Dear Miss Dela,

So, here’s my story: A week ago, I reconnected with an acquaintance through Facebook and we got to talking pretty steadily. We remember seeing one another around at mutual friends houses a few years ago (we’re both only 25) but we’ve never hungout on our own. Nor have we talked much aside from the chatting at the friends houses. Through this last week, he has been so incredibly sweet, a real gentleman. He’s adorable and has a hold over my thoughts right now. We now have planned to meet this coming Saturday, despite that he lives 80 miles North of me. My only issue is that I have image issues. With myself. I’m not a huge girl, somewhere around 200-210lbs. He’s fairly fit. Not like athletic or anything, just skinny. Average, I suppose. I assume he’s seen pictures of me on Facebook (besides selfies. I’m talking like, real photos. That show your body and whatnot) so, I assume he knows what I really look like. Extreme anxiety. I guess I need some confidence tips or something like that..