Dear Miss Dela,

Hi guys, so I’ve met that guy some time ago, I really liked him. We had a nice conversation, I felt like he kinda like me too. He had to leave in the middle of the conversation after a phone call, it seemed to be important.I have his facebook account and i’d like us to know more each other but i don’t know how can i get this started ’causei’m not quite sure he remembers me, there is a lot of people in his life. The BIG problem is that he is a celebrety, i know you gonna all say “oh that’s why you like him” or “forget about it ’cause celebrities are real douchebags” or “it’s impossible you barely know him and reconnecting with him again via fb is a bad idea” ;but guys iwanna try, he is shy, polite and diferent not like all those bad famous guys. So can you help me ??