I really need some advice this women started in my place of work a few months back and we have become close. I’ve been helping her with a course she is doing in a few weeks and we have been texting every other day. I always start the texting but she always texts back using emoji like blush face wink face with tongue out. At work we have playful fun, if I showed her a picture of me with friends or family she would say, “aww lovely photo, pity about u haha”. We were supposed to do something yesterday together outside of work but she cancelled saying she was too tired but she was very sorry and that we can do it another time. The thing is I’m married but my marriage is nearly over, it has been for a while. My question is would she be a bit hesitant to spend time with me coz I’m married and don’t want trouble How would I know if she liked me now i have worked really hard on my marriage but to no avail. Would this girl not really show her true feelings till I’m single again? When we talk I can see a glimmer in her eye. Please any advice welcome