Dear Miss Dela,

Before I met her being single was pretty damn easy. I was happy with being alone and didn’t really want a girlfriend. I honestly never though a single person could have such a huge impact on your life. Ok so here’s my story about us sorry if it’s a bit long, but In order to get help you should know a lot.
So I’m a foster kid I went from my friends house to a foster home and then to my brothers friends house which I currently still live at and its been over 2 years now. When I came over I saw what I thought to be the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on and it wasn’t just like wow she’s hot I just felt something inside of me glow. I rarely ever feel like that. Turns out she was part of the family but she lives about 20 minutes away so it’s not like she’s in town. I get to see her like on the weekends and stuff luckily this family is very social so we always get together have parties and stuff so I see her every week and we go places.
Anyway I began to like her more and more and I tried to keep it secret but yeah that didn’t work out eventually we started dating. The only thing that was like a bad thing and still is, is that she is a terrible texter like she takes a millennium to reply and she’s like that with everyone not just me. Dating her was extremely difficult for one she was my first girlfriend so I lacked experience in many areas and I had small amounts of opportunities to become a better boyfriend because the family was extremely over protective which I understand. So I had to capitalize on every moment we had together I tried to make it as good as possible whenever we got alone we do everything we could in that small time.
Overtime I began to get a bit clingy I relied heavily on her for happiness I started to complain more and I mean we always had great communication so we made up and it wasn’t always constant. Eventually though the lack of expression of our love was really a downfall for the relationship and my clinginess didn’t help at all.
It’s been 7 months since she broke up with me and I have to say it’s really been taking a toll on me this whole time. I’m so in love with her I love every aspect of her she just makes life great, but can also making it a living hell. There’s been some ups but mostly it hasn’t been looking to good in terms of her liking me again I just don’t know what to do. She just says just go with the flow and whatever happens happens.
At times it seems great but then at times she seems uninterested I can never really read her fully. She’s also extremely busy with school a 4.0 gpa student so school is her main focus which I love and she does sports and works for the school so always busy. I feel like every time things are going good I mess it up somehow. She’s always been there for me and still is I’ve tried so hard to get her back but I really don’t know how. I also tried moving on but I can’t I lose interest in every girl I talk to or go on a dates with. I simply am in love with her.
Most likely we are gonna go to the same university and actually have freedom so I’m sure that could be a game changer. I honestly feel like there’s still hope it’s a reason I cannot explain but I won’t stop fighting until she gets another boyfriend or something. I have to see her every week so I can’t just stop talking to her or else it’s super awkward. I also know for a fact she doesn’t like any other guys or talks to any other guys. I just need help what the hell do I do??