Dear Miss Dela,

I really don’t know what I should do now..

Basically about one and a half month ago, I got the number of this girl from my friend.
We began to chat and two days later, she said she just got rejected by a guy.
I accepted it and treated her better to help her to forget about him. But she was actually kept contacting him, trying hard to get him while we were dating. She was always holding her mobile and kept checking for someone’s message. and always texting someone while we were on the phone call. She made me shop for his gift..a dolphin doll and a book…Of course I did not know..but I found it one day. And felt I was just an option to her. If he finally begins to like her, then she would have just left me. Until 18th..of DEC..that is why she always asked me if we can just stay as a friend. She always said he is just her best friend but I obviously did not believe her.

Now she blocked his messenger and she is with me now. She says she loves me a lot, and I love her a lot too…She has been with me for five days together. Wake up and go to bed together on the same bed. We share our love everyday. But I can’t just forget about what happened…the way she treated me…I believe I have an instinct just like girls. Everything I felt was right..except for one thing…I was not even an option but just someone to make the guy feel jealous. She finally gave the dolphin doll and the book to him on 18th of DEC and realised she does not have a chance to be with him. So She chose to be with me I guess. Although she says I am everything to her now, I cannot just forget about it…She says she feels guilty for what she did….She is now trying hard to build up relationship with me now…but…still…..What should I do..?

This is really painful…i was busy for so many years and finally started a relationship with someone..but it turned out this way…….Should I continue with her..ha…

Thank you.