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How do I get this girl to leave me alone?

So, I started talking to this girl who is a coworker, and it quickly became apparent that she wasn’t my type. She’s giving off very clingy vibes and just seems a little bit batshit crazy. I’ve only been talking to her (aside from at work, like talking as potentially dating) for two days.

I pretty much told her that I was no longer interested in her and she keeps texting me. I’m answering and have thrown out the “friends” word several times. It seems that it’s going in one ear and out of the other. Now she is asking me to come to her house. I’m being nice because I don’t want to hurt her feelings nor make our work environment awkward. I don’t know what to do, do I just ignore her?


Sounds like you’ve got a stage five clinger, my friend! I repeatedly tell my readers, stop dating your coworker. It’s like dating your neighbor. If things go sour, you’ll have to see that person’s face the next day at work. On a positive note, at least you were able to see that she is acting a bit cray cray by day two….LOL. Clearly, she is not getting your hints that you are not interested. You may need to speak to her in person versus text and explain to her that you only want to be friends. If she continues to blow up your phone with texts, then give her a warning. You could say, “hey if you continue to cross boundaries with me then I will have to block you”. No need to be a jerk to her, just keep it nice and simple.

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