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I ended a date within the first 30 seconds, was I wrong for my actions?

I was going to meet this girl that I matched with on Tinder. I got there first and when she arrived, I stood up to greet her. Now here is the thing, I’m 5’3. I only mention my height when girls ask me about it. I see no need to give a “warning”. When I stood up, she looked a bit surprised and said,

“Oh, I expected you to be taller, haha.” We are about the same height. To me her response was a massive red flag. If that’s the first thing that’s going to come out of her mouth, then it means she’s an extremely shallow person. I completely lost any attraction or interest in proceeding with the date. I said: “Well, I have to go now, It was nice to meet you, BYE!!.”  I walked away and left the restaurant..

I tried to be as polite as possible even though she was mean and shallow for no reason. When I talked to my friend about it, he said I was a jerk! I argued that I would have been an asshole if the first thing I said to her was, “I expected you to be thinner”.  Now if I said something like that then she would have the right to throw a drink in my face. My friend didn’t agree that this was equivalent.

Should I have continued the date? If so, what would have been a better way to react to her comment?


Yes, it would have been better to continue with your date despite the comment about your height. Remember, it’s Tinder, and many people use photos that may not fully represent them. When she mentioned she expected you to be taller, you could have responded with humor or simply said, “You never asked about my height.” While her comment was insensitive, people can sometimes blurt things without thinking. It’s common to encounter awkward moments on blind dates. Some women prefer tall men, while others do not prioritize height. In the future, consider mentioning your height in your profile to avoid similar situations. There’s no need to let one negative experience ruin the rest of your date or make you feel angry. Keep an open mind and enjoy the experience regardless of any unexpected comments.


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