Dear Miss Dela,
I am married with two children. Our youngest doesn’t look like me. It is definitely plausible that he’s mine but I think he looks like one of my wife’s friends.
My wife visited her friends nine months before the birth of our youngest so I suspect something could have happened. I love our son but I just don’t know what I would do if he turned out not to be mine. I am certain our eldest child is mine.
I have decided to do a paternity test but my wife stresses to me that he is mine and that she has not cheated. I was in two minds whether to do the test and just bring him up and try to assure myself he’s mine. But I cannot, I need peace of mind.
We have a nice family and this would be devastating. I am more worried about the affect on the kid’s lives.
What should I do assuming the test comes back positive?

Miss Dela Q
If you need a peace of mind, then I would get the DNA test. My question to you is, why do you not believe your wife when she says that she has not cheated on you? If you trusted her, you would not bother with a DNA test.
Say the DNA test shows that you are not the father. Will you get a divorce? Will you treat your son differently knowing he is not biologically yours?
Before your son takes the test, you need to prepare yourself for the consequences. No matter what, this will affect the family. You may want to consider family therapy before completing the test.
No matter what, getting the test is going to affect your family.

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