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Dear Miss Dela,
I feel like I have the worst luck in men.  I know I trust too easily and therefore I end up getting cheated on. What can I do to prevent myself from dating another cheater?

Miss Dela Q:

First thing you have to ask yourself is why do you attract men that cheat?  Secondly, you need  build  trust on the guy you date and vice versa. It’s not good to fully trust a person without them proving to you that they are trustworthy.  I am a firm believer in going with your gut feeling.  If you suspect that your guy is cheating and you have that “gut feeling” something is going on, go with it!.  Of course you want to question him first before accusing him of cheating.  But if you continue to get that unsure feeling that your guy is lying to you, then you need to act upon it.  We as women tend to ignore red flags and tend to make excuses for warning signs.  My suggestion for you, is to no longer ignore the warning signs and abort mission as soon as you feel that something is not right.  Dating is trial and error.  Don’t give up!

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